Frequently Asked Questions

What is VR?

From Wikipedia – Virtual Reality (VR) is the name for computer technology that makes a person feel like they are somewhere else.  It uses software to produce images, sounds and other sensations to create a different place, so that a user feels like he or she is really a part of this other place.  That other place can be a real place (to take a tour in another country, for instance) or imaginary (playing a game)

What kind of games and experiences does 4XVR offer?

We have something for everyone.  With over 200 experiences at 4XVR we can find exactly what you want.  Almost every sport you can think of, strategy games, educational experiences that let you explore the world and more.  And even fitness based games that are meant to raise your heart rate and burn calories.  There are so many experiences and new ones are being created all the time so feel free to ask us for something that interests you and we will look into getting it!

I don’t play video games, will I like this?

Virtual Reality is designed for everyone.  Some experiences can take you on adventures or to places you have always been wanting to see.  Some experiences will have you immersed in the action or game and may take you a while to master.  Our staff will walk you through everything you need to know and even recommend experiences based on what you want to do.

Will it make me dizzy?

While playing any type of computer game, although rare, some confusion may occur.  Feel free to remove the headset or move it away from your eyes for a moment as it should pass.  Just let our staff know and they will be happy to assist.

Are there any physical limitations to experiencing VR?

To fully experience VR you can move your entire body within the content but we can accommodate most skill, mobility and cognitive levels for a wide range of individuals.   Our space is wheelchair accessible and have found that some VR experiences can be relaxing and enjoyable by all.  Please always consult your doctor before using any Virtual Reality equipment if you have pre-existing medical conditions (such as epilepsy or heart conditions). If you feel uneasy at any point, please take off the headset and inform a 4XVR staff member immediately.

Is there an age requirement?

All of our games can be challenging while still being fun and immersive.  The minimum age needed to play our VR games and experiences is 7 years old.  Children 10 an under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who can sign Terms and Conditions in-person on behalf of the minor.

What if I wear glasses?

If you are wearing glasses, we recommend keeping them on as most frames should easily fit under the headset.  Or if you feel more comfortable wear contact lenses.  If you have light visual impairment, you do not need to wear your glasses during gameplay.

How do I book an experience at 4XVR?

You can use our online booking system to reserve instantly.  We also welcome walk-ins.  But due to high demand we recommend making a reservation.


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